Monday, February 6, 2012

Water Situation at the Shop

If you have been in the shop in the last couple of weeks you have probably heard us talking about our water situation, it has been a stressful nightmare the last couple of weeks. Currently, we have no water in our building. If you have ever used our bathroom, you probably noticed we have a well. A few weeks ago it started acting up and we had people come out and replace the necessary parts, however, during the process it was noticed that there was no water. Our well dried up!

At this point, we need to put in county water but this will be $10,000 and up which is an awful lot for a small retail store. There seems to be no other options at this point. So we have no water and we are trying to figure something out to avoid these huge costs and also have water so that customers and class attendees may use the bathroom (not to mention the employees who have to keep running across the street to Publix).

The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do. One customer mentioned that her well was replaced for free because it was dug in the 80's (as was ours) and was dug too shallow (ours was too, only 25 feet) and this was not supposed to happen. We went in that direction but got nowhere. It was suggested that we contact the Health Department, Senator, Channel 8, and one customer even volunteered to hold signs in front of the shop to get attention. We just are not getting anywhere with the contacts and phone numbers we currently have.

I am hoping that someone reading this may know someone or have a suggestion for us. We are willing to try anything to avoid shelling out thousands of dollars that we don't have or could be used to purchase new products. If you have any info that may help, please e-mail or call the shop at 813-269-7946.

We appreciate your business and continued support and your patience while we try and get this fixed.

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