Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Fail

We have all heard of Pinterest, you know that website we start browsing at 10:00 at night and by 1:30am realize we do, in fact, need to sleep although we would much rather be pinning fun projects we will never even attempt to do. Well, around Christmas time, I decided to be overly ambitious and try my hand at baking. This is something I cannot do and I decided to face my fears and tried a new recipe a couple times a week. Some came out ok but most went straight to the trash. My favorite baking fail was photographed by my wonderful husband because he seems to find my failures hilarious so I decided to laugh along and sent the photo to this fun website, I tend to look at this site when I have seen the same dang flower tutorial 8,000 times and need a slight Pinterest break. So they added it to their site as a major FAIL and I thought I would share it with you:

So now you know I can't bake and just to let you know, I attempted these one more time on Christmas day and same result. I am a complete cinnamon roll baking failure!

Oh, and if you have not heard of Pinterest, check it out (Beware: If you value you your free time, do not look at this site!)

Buttons buttons buttons

It's crunch time at the shop, almost Treasure Hunt time and we like to use this as a chance for a little spring cleaning. We have had tons of help around the shop this week, including my two little girls. They have been coming with me every day to work and boy oh boy is that fun. My children, of course, are perfect (ha!) but today Audriella discovered a giant bucket of hundreds of buttons. What else is a two year old to do with a bucket of buttons but happily spread them all over the room that was just set up and vacuumed. My mother and I walked into this fun mess:

Time to clean up

New at Scraporium

Tim Holtz - His new products are beginning to arrive. Come get them before the Treasure Hunters do

Plus New Stamps and more!

Inky Antics - Honeycomb Paper restocked plus NEW Easter Stamps

Custom Paper - We had custom made 12x12 paper for our local sports team, including:




Plus Scrapbook Treasure Hunt paper!

We will be getting more product in this week and next week so keep checking for fun new products.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Treasure Hunt

Are you sick of me talking about the Treasure Hunt yet? Well, I thought you would be but it turns out that a lot of our regular customers that have been shopping with us for years have never done it once in the five years we've participated and a lot don't even really know much about it. Here I am thinking I have talked the thing to death with my e-mails, Blog posts, and pirate talk but maybe I should go over it just one more time and if you are even remotely considering it or even if you are not, read this and maybe I'll talk you into it.

First of all, in speaking with customers at the store and on the phone, it seems there are some common misconceptions about how it works so let me clear those up first:

1. You do not have to visit all 9 stores in one day or even one weekend. You have 10 full days to visit all nine stores in any order you would like. All stores will be open every day from Friday, March 2nd until Sunday, March 11th. Stores even have extended business hours on some days and if you call and check, some may be open a little early or stay open a little later on the weekends.

2. All the stores have closed and there are hardly any left. Yes, many stores have closed since the start of this event but there have been some that have opened too. We even added a new store this year, Sparkle and Sprinkle in Ruskin since one store in Sarasota closed. Plus, that just means the stores that are still open are trying to pick up the slack by having tons of great product for you to buy.

3. Gas prices are too high to drive all over town. Ok, unfortunately this one is true but I have no control over this one. The best and most fun way to do the Treasure Hunt is to carpool with friends. Get a group of four, take whoever's car is the most fuel efficient and everyone pitch in for gas. You will be able to hang out with friends, shop, and even stop for lunch along the way, sounds like a wonderful girl's weekend to me.

4. The stores are too crowded and some are small and have little parking. We are slightly guilty of this one. While we have plenty of room for all of you to shop in the store, parking is always limited at our store. We do have a Chase bank that just opened up next to us and there is a nice sidewalk that leads right to our shop so parking there will be easy and much easier to get out of. Yes, some stores are small but the only way for them to ever expand is to get business and they really appreciate your business. If you really want to avoid the crowds, go during the week. If you work and can't make it then, the second weekend is not nearly as busy as the first weekend and you can easily get it done in two days.

5. I can't participate because I won't have time to visit all nine stores. It's ok if you don't make it to all of them. The tote is only $10 to participate and with the tote and product, it retails for over $20 so right there you have already gotten a deal. Even if you only visit a few stores, you will still receive a 6x6 page from each store you visit and you will get a tag for your beads. You will not be able to be put in the drawing without completing all of them but you will have some great memories and probably some fun photos too.

So now that I have addressed all of your concerns and have talked you in to participating, here's what you need to do:

-Call Scraporium or come by the shop to get your Tote

Tote contains your passport (with names and addresses of all participating stores), beads, album, and other little goodies

-Plan your Treasure Hunt route and start with your first store on Friday, March 2nd (or whatever day you would like between March 2nd and March 11th)

-Visit your first store and collect your tag for your beads

Last year's tag

-Receive your 6x6 page for your album

Last year's page - Plus all stores are required to have an optional second page for a small charge. This will give you a 2 page layout for your album from each store, only if you want.

-Spend a minimum of $5.00 in each store and have your passport stamped

-Have your photo taken at each of the store's photo op (this is the best part)

We'll have Captain Jack on the weekends (check back here soon for Captain Jack's photo schedule)

-We'll even have some extra demos and fun on the first weekend

- Complete all 9 stores in any order you'd like

-You will have a week or more to turn in your passport Prize Entry form to be entered in that store's drawing and the grand prize drawings.

It really is a lot of fun and the stores get really into it. If you have never done it before, you should grab some friends and go treasure hunting. You won't be disappointed! Call the shop at 813-269-7946 if you have any other questions.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check This Out

Here is a project I helped my friend out with. She wanted to finish her scrapbook page with embossed tire tracks and had the idea but didn't know how to emboss. She brought her son's toy monster truck to the shop, took off one tire and we ran it through an embossing pad. We used black embossing powder and a heat tool and created this fun effect! That was so much fun and what a great idea she had of using her son's truck tire as a stamp!

Bought one of Tim's Trinket or Cargo cases recently? We have sold tons of them lately and it's no surprise they are such a great case with a fun look. Check out what Bonnie did with hers to personalize it! I just love it! If you don't have one, we do still have some left so come pick one up and make it your own.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fun Times with Scraporium

We have been so busy at the shop lately with so many fun events! If you have been in lately, you have probably seen us packing boxes, unpacking boxes, or glued to the phone trying to get last minute orders in.

January started our year off with one of popular All Day Crops. We had an amazing time as always and our next crop scheduled for April 28th is already almost full. We even had Kim, a photographer, generously offer to come take photos of the crop. Here are a few:

Thanks so much for the great photos Kim!

After the Crop, we packed up and set sail on The Jewel of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship. The scrapbooking Cruise was so much fun with tons of classes, celebrity teachers flown in from Utah, so much free product, and more. Here are a few photos from the Cruise (Captain Jack was there to see them off):

Now we are busy getting ready for the Treasure Hunt which starts next week! The totes are all ready for pick up, tags and pages are almost complete, goodies are being assembled, and we have skeletons on the wall. It's our favorite time of year and we hope you all plan to participate. Come pick up your tote at the shop and get your friends to join too, the more who join, the more can chip in for gas :) Don't forget to start the Treasure Hunt early with our Treasure Hunt kick-off this Saturday, February 25th from 11:00am - 4:00pm. You will learn fun new techniques and make great projects from some of our favorite teachers.

All the goodies for this year's tote

Our group assembling the totes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Starts Friday, March 2nd!
Totes are in! Pick yours up now if you already have one reserved and we still have some available for anyone who wants to participate. If you need more info, check out the website
Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt
Still not sure? Call me and I will talk you into it :)

Can't wait until next weekend to start the Pirate fun? Join us this weekend, Saturday, February 25th for our very own Treasure Hunt Kick-Off! There will be make 'n takes, demos, prizes, and more. Cost is jut $5.00 for all of the great make 'n takes, plus enjoy 10% off your total purchase. You do not have to be part of the Treasure Hunt to participate, this will be fun for everyone so come by any time Saturday between 11:00am - 4:00pm for the fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New at Scraporium

New at Scraporium

Echo Park Paper - Straight from Madison himself in Utah, check out Echo Park's amazing new lines. The ladies on the cruise were blessed with fun projects using these lines taught by Madison.

Tim Holtz - New Brushes and Palettes

Plus Inks and Idealogy Restocked!

Jenni Bowlin - Brand New Product

Tweety Jill - New Vintage Collage Packs

Bathing Beauties and Ladies of the Sea

Treasure Hunt Kick-Off

Kick Off Party at Scraporium

Join us Saturday, February 25th

11:00am - 4:00pm

Drop by any time between 11:00 and 4:00 for the fun. Here's what we will be doing:

- Tim Holtz inspired Tag Make 'n Take with Bonnie

- Vintage ATC Make 'n Take with Kim

- Punches of Flowers Make 'n Take with Ginny

- Fantastic Prizes

- 10% off your total purchase

The cost to do all three make 'n takes will be $5.00, once you complete them all, you will be entered in a drawing for great prizes. You do not have to be signed up for the Treasure Hunt to participate and you do not need to sign up, just show up and have fun!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Water Situation at the Shop

If you have been in the shop in the last couple of weeks you have probably heard us talking about our water situation, it has been a stressful nightmare the last couple of weeks. Currently, we have no water in our building. If you have ever used our bathroom, you probably noticed we have a well. A few weeks ago it started acting up and we had people come out and replace the necessary parts, however, during the process it was noticed that there was no water. Our well dried up!

At this point, we need to put in county water but this will be $10,000 and up which is an awful lot for a small retail store. There seems to be no other options at this point. So we have no water and we are trying to figure something out to avoid these huge costs and also have water so that customers and class attendees may use the bathroom (not to mention the employees who have to keep running across the street to Publix).

The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what we can do. One customer mentioned that her well was replaced for free because it was dug in the 80's (as was ours) and was dug too shallow (ours was too, only 25 feet) and this was not supposed to happen. We went in that direction but got nowhere. It was suggested that we contact the Health Department, Senator, Channel 8, and one customer even volunteered to hold signs in front of the shop to get attention. We just are not getting anywhere with the contacts and phone numbers we currently have.

I am hoping that someone reading this may know someone or have a suggestion for us. We are willing to try anything to avoid shelling out thousands of dollars that we don't have or could be used to purchase new products. If you have any info that may help, please e-mail or call the shop at 813-269-7946.

We appreciate your business and continued support and your patience while we try and get this fixed.

CHA New Releases

Well CHA is over and all new products for Winter 2012 have been released. Some products have been ordered, some have already shipped, and some we just cannot wait until they are ready to ship! We didn't make it to the show this year but I have been looking at the Blogs, the videos, and hearing the stories and I am excited for our UPS man to start making his daily deliveries very soon. Denise has been with one of her Reps placing orders all day and we just can't wait for them to arrive. In the meantime, here are my favorites from CHA releases:

Pink Paislee - Spring Jubilee

Graphic 45 - Little Darlings

Tim Holtz & Ranger - EVERYTHING! Ok, so although I can't wait for everything Tim Holtz to come in (let's be honest, it sells like crazy, that's what makes me love it all), I will just show you my favorites

Bo Bunny - Ambrosia & Weekend Market

Crate Paper - Storyteller

Echo Park - This & That (we are taking this on the cruise with us but it will be available to all of you next week)

Maya Road - Lots of fun new items

October Afternoon - Cakewalk

What do you think of this?

This Vintaj metals and mixed media seems to be quite popular and we have debated whether or not to bring it in. Ranger just came out with Patina and glaze to color the metal. Let us know what you think about this.....

There are my favorites so what are yours? I can't promise we will order everything but comment here and let us know what you would like to see us bring into the store. I wish we could order everything!