Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Fail

We have all heard of Pinterest, you know that website we start browsing at 10:00 at night and by 1:30am realize we do, in fact, need to sleep although we would much rather be pinning fun projects we will never even attempt to do. Well, around Christmas time, I decided to be overly ambitious and try my hand at baking. This is something I cannot do and I decided to face my fears and tried a new recipe a couple times a week. Some came out ok but most went straight to the trash. My favorite baking fail was photographed by my wonderful husband because he seems to find my failures hilarious so I decided to laugh along and sent the photo to this fun website, I tend to look at this site when I have seen the same dang flower tutorial 8,000 times and need a slight Pinterest break. So they added it to their site as a major FAIL and I thought I would share it with you:

So now you know I can't bake and just to let you know, I attempted these one more time on Christmas day and same result. I am a complete cinnamon roll baking failure!

Oh, and if you have not heard of Pinterest, check it out (Beware: If you value you your free time, do not look at this site!)

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