Friday, May 30, 2008

My Mind's Eye Class was a Huge Success

Everyone had so much fun with Madison and his wife Keisha at the Memorial Day weekend class. He gave away tons of free stuff and made sure everyone had a great time. Can't wait to do it again! Here are some photos from the classes:

LaserCut Designs Titles

Check out these rare titles, everyone is always asking for Universal Studios titles and now I can simply point them in the right direction when they ask, yay! Plus there's Busch Gardens, Disney, and Star Wars titles, oh my, what fun you're going to have the next time you come visit the shop!

Got Junk?

If you've got it, we want it! No, I am serious, we really want your junk! To benefit the Lutz Guv'na Charity Fund, there will be a HUGE Flea Market on Saturday, June 7th at the Lutz Community Center on SR-41 from 8:00am - 3:00pm. I know you have been dying to have a garage sale to get rid of what's collecting in your garage but why bother, just throw it in the car and dump it off on Saturday and we'll take care of it for you. Plus, while you're there, maybe you can buy some new junk :)

We could really use some volunteers this day. Set up starts at 7:00am and we need people to help set up and then work our booth throughout the day. If you can spare an hour or two on Saturday, June 7th, we'd love your help! No experience necessary.

Basket Auctions

We currently have several baskets sitting on the back tables of the shop. Why, you may ask? Because we're auctioning them off to the highest bidder. This is basically a preview of what you will find on Saturday, June 14th at the crop. You are able to bid on the items we have at the shop right now and the bidding will end Sunday, June 15th after the crop. We will have tons of items to auction and some even come in a very exquisite Longaberger basket. Be sure to check them out at the shop or on Saturday, June 14th at the crop!

Special thanks to Sue Rinaldo for lining up all these great donations and even donating some herself. She has been a HUGE help and we can't thank her enough! Thanks, Sue!

The Future Guv'na is a Strong Force to be Reckoned With

Denise is as tough as they get! Want proof? Just look at how she can touch her nose with her tongue, can you do that? I didn't think so!
She's on a mission and no one will stand in her way!

Wanna help out? She needs all the help she can get, e-mail her and she'll put you to work.

Kid's Camp

When: Monday, June 9th - Friday, June 13th

Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Cost: $125 per child

All children ages 7—12 are invited to come scrapbook with us for a week long kid’s camp. All you have to do is sign your child up, pay the $25 deposit and then drop them off at the shop every day at 10:00am with photos and a creative mind. The kid’s will be making an entire 20 page album plus every day they will learn how to make a new craft. Sign your child up today, space is very limited. Hope to see you all there!

Call 813-269-7946 or
to sign up!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lutz Guv'na Kickoff Dinner

The Lutz Guv'na race has finally begun and Denise is a fierce competitor. She has decided to go with an American Idol (her favorite show, Go David Cook!) spin-off theme titled "Lutz Guv'na Gives Back." We will try to continue to be creative with it but so far that's all we've got. With a crop in the works and half way filled up, she is ready to rumble with the rest of the contestants. Look out Lutz, here comes Denise!

Here are some photos from the kick-off dinner, special thanks to Bonnie (a loyal customer and friend) for all your help. I was told her homemade cake was the absolute best!

Her theme and logo:
Denise (my mom) and I with our homemade t-shirts. (Anyone who has connections with a t-shirt printing business and wants to work out a a deal, let us know, we're obviously not so good with the iron-ons)
Making signs:
The current Guv'na, Michelle:
Super cute, mom:
We were required to blow up ballons, stuff her trousers and win some money. All in the name of charity!
Yay for balloon stuffing!
Look, she made some money:

Oops, I Forgot Something

When I blogged about all the great new My Mind's Eye product, I somehow missed this gorgeous line. It's in the "girly" section rather than with the other My Mind's Eye product so I guess that's why I missed it but either way, I thought it necessary that you see it. I just love it, but then again, I am biased, I love everything!

Something I Made Today

I have been making a lot of cards lately and my friends just adore them. I decided that I should share things I make with all of you. I figure if they're good, you can maybe get some ideas from them and if they're bad you may not be able to get any ideas but you can at least feel better about your own work. So good or bad, here's a card I made for my friend Stacy's wedding. I used the colors of her wedding rather than traditional white, I like to try and make everything personal.

Just Arrived: Creative Imaginations Product

Lots of pretty new Creative Imaginations product to come in and buy. Trust me, you'll love it!

New Cooking paper and stickers:

Birthday paper and journaling stickers:
Love this! Beach paper with gorgeous colors:
Retirement paper featuring the slogan "Old Guys Rule," too cute:

This paper is sooo pretty, you have to come see it:
Gorgeous black and white paper:
Pretty use of these colors and I love the edges:
A 12x12 sticker sheet that matches:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Mind's Eye Class

Madison from My Mind's Eye is coming this weekend!!!! There are only a few spots open for Saturday, May 24th and Sunday, May 25th so call or e-mail us now to sign up. Here are a couple of photos of the group from My Mind's Eye:

Scroll down to the previous post for more details on the class times and pages.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New S.E.I. Product

I LOVE cute dog stuff so of course I had to show this off!

NEW Magazine

This is a new magazine we will be getting from now on. It's actually more like a book, there are just so many ideas in it and there's definitely something for everyone!

This is the scrapbooking trends magazine that has so many ideas, I just don't know how you can live without it.

This one is my favorite. There are tons of ideas for mini books and all are so trendy and fun!

Here's one example of what you'll find in the book.

This is the card making magazine and is FULL of ideas for cards.

Just one example of what you'll find in this magazine.

Travel in Style

New travel product that's to die for. These are 3-D travel stickers for every state and tons of countries. They are perfect for all those travel pages you've been meaning to get to.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We Are Memories Paper

It's perfect, amazing, and double sided!!!! What more could you ask for.

Super Fun Glitter Paper

This is for real glitter paper, not the fake shiny stuff. It's super pretty and right up front, trust me, you won't miss it.

NEW My Mind's Eye Product has Finally Arrived!

29th Street Market and Wild Asparagus just came out with a new line that is already out and ready to be purchased. This stuff is beautiful as is expected by My Mind's Eye. Don't forget to sign up for one of the classes using this product on May 24th or 25th, there are only a few spots left! Here are some samples of the new product but you have to come in the shop to really see how great it is!

Ok, I apologize for the bad photos but you get the idea so come see them for yourself.