Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6th Day of Christmas

Check out this adorable game we played last night at our ATC Swap Christmas Party.  Chris wrote this just for Scraporium and it's too fun not to share:

This time of year, there is a magical place we like to gather, an Emporium of wonderful papers, charms, and sparkly things.  You enter through the front door and your eyes grow wide, you scan across the aisles, amazed you look from left to right, so many wonderful things within your sight.

The counter in front where you pay for your many accents, you realize the amazement at what lies in store as you move left to right.  Across the room there lies so much more to take in and plunder; chipboard, glitter, and stickers, up down left and right forward backwards and across the aisle.

Friendships made, celebrations and tragedies shared, you get much more here than just the amount due.  As you saunter to the back of store; across from schools and travel, lying in the wait are rows and stacks of holiday fare.  Turn around and head back to the front, Tweety Jill to the right and Graphic 45 to the left, now it's time to decide what to buy.

Don't forget before heading out the door in the next room is the classroom and the outlet store.  In that room, you'll also find trinkets and treasures of the reduced kind.  Across the back wall are tables full of cut price merchandise.  The walls on the left and the right are hangers of last year's beautiful designs.

Tonight we come together to celebrate Christmas with a twist, and as the gifts we hope to keep are passed right left and across, it's really the atmosphere created and provided by Denise in her small business store, Scraporium is what we're here for.

Merry Christmas to each and every one, best wishes for the new year to come, one last time in this game of fun, pass your gift to the one on your left.

Thanks Chris, that was fantastic!

Today's special will come from this writing, today only, the 2 items specified here will be 20% off!  That's all Tweety Jill and all Graphic 45 items are 20% off!

*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

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