Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scraporium Craft Show

Join us for our

First Ever Scraporium Craft Show

We are so excited to be having our very first craft show at Scraporium! The Craft Show will be held

Saturday, November 5th from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

We need vendors and registration begins immediately. Because of spacing issues, we will be limiting the amount of vendors so the first to sign up will get the spots. You will have the option of an indoor spot with included table or an outdoor spot and you must bring your own table(s). A vendor spot is only $25 and must be prepaid. Please call the shop at 813-269-7946 for more details or to reserve your spot.

So start getting your handmade craft items ready for sale, this will be a fantastic opportunity to sell to craft enthusiasts. Just keep in mind a few rules and suggestions for our Craft Show:

-Only brand new handmade items may be sold, no used craft items and/or

yard sale items

-Any craft items are permitted, this does not only have to be scrapbooking

and paper crafts.

-Great suggestions for items to sell:


Pet Items

Framed Art

Pre-made scrapbook items

Sewn Projects

Baby Items

There's no limit, any craft items are welcomed.

-We would also be interested in vendors selling food and drink items, if you have any

contacts please have them give us a call.


Deana said...

I just started making jars and this may be a great way to see if people like them! I love it, and your store!

Chanele said...

Definitely! We expect a big crowd, call the shop at 813-269-7946 if you want to reserve your spot. Due to spacing issues, vendor spots are limited. Thanks for the compliment!