Friday, April 11, 2008


So our store is currently going through new stuff overload!!!!!!!! It's insane! I spent my day trying to check in all the new paper, photograph it, and then find a spot for it, oh my! Of course, I ended up spending most of my time admiring it and day dreaming of all the photos I need to scrapbook and all the great ideas I have. Trust me, you will do the same thing when you come in and see all of this amazing new products, it's just so great! Ok now for the details: this glorious menagerie of new product comes from K & Co, Moxxie, and a ton from Creative Imaginations. Also, this is not everything, it is only a sample of all the new product, you have to come in the store to see the rest :)
I just love anything with bright colors and if you're anything like me, you will adore this new line. Not only is it super colorful with hearts and strawberries and rainbows and flowers but some of it is sparkly and some is glossy. There is a surprise on each sheet, how fun! Double-sided of course too!

K & Co paper line that looks as though it has been painted by children. So cute!

More kid paper by K & Co.

New K & Co Paper. It is soooo pretty, you just have to come in to see it. This paper is like classy vintage paper with a trendy, modern edge. I just Love it! Oh, and did I mention, it's double-sided.
This is my favorite paper from the above line, I just can't get over how awesome it is!
Family/heritage line from K & Co. Surprise, surprise, it's double-sided!
These are 3-d stickers that match the paper line.

Sea World! What more can I say.....
Ok, this is really cool. It's a kit that helps you scrapbook a pregnancy. There are all kinds of little stickers with sayings and journal starters plus paper for your 1st - 9th month. I really like it and I think you will too.

This I am SO excited about! This is baby paper for girls and for boys and it's not pastel, Hallelujah!!!! I am so not a fan of pastels and have never understood why everyone thinks babies are...................This stuff is just so perfect, you have to come in and see, I promise you will love it! Oh, and bonus, it's double-sided!
Pirates, who can resist?!

Graduation, Seniors, Prom, etc.

Beautiful, "girly" horse and cowgirl paper. P.S. It's double-sided
What paper line isn't complete without these darling sticker embellishments.
Tea Party paper, yay!!!

LOVE the bowling line!

Not really sure how to play Lacrosse but apparently this is something you have been asking for.

Ok, now stop reading and go SHOP!!!!!!

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