Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Denise Turns 50!

Since I am sure my mother will not be checking the Blog tonight and I wanted to post this last minute in case anyone did not see the e-mail. We're celebrating Denise's 50th Birthday at the shop tomorrow! Stop by if you get the chance, I know she's love to see you, here are all the details:

Our favorite scrapbook store owner, Denise is turning 50 and we want to celebrate! We would love for you to help us surprise Denise this Thursday with a little shop party. So here's the deal: Denise is normally off on Thursday but we have tricked her into working that morning even though it's her birthday but when she gets there, she'll soon find out that we're really having a little party for her with cupcakes and lemonade!

We would love for any of you who can stop by Thursday morning and just wish her a happy birthday, I know that she is friends with so many of you and this would definitely make her feel loved and appreciated. I am certain we can keep her there until at least noon or 1:00 and she may even stay later than that if there are lots of people coming by. So be sure to stop by Thursday morning or on your lunch break and wish her a Happy 50th Birthday!

We are also planning a little surprise for her in the morning when she opens. She thinks she is opening the store but really Barbara and I will be there early, we are going to park at Publix and leave the lights off so she thinks she is walking into an empty store so when she gets there we'll be able to yell "Surprise"! If you are interested in coming to surprise her, we'd love to have you, just make sure you are there by about 9:30 so we have plenty of time to hide and be ready. Please e-mail me for more details or to let me know you would like to be there early

Remember, this is a surprise so do not mention it to Denise and No phone calls about it since she will probably be the one answering the phone. You may e-mail me or reply to this e-mail which will automatically be sent to me if you have any questions. If you can't make it Thursday, she will be working all day Friday so feel free to stop by then if you would like.

One more thing, as a party gift for showing up on Thursday, mention Denise's 50th birthday at the register and receive 10% off your total order! What better way to spend her birthday than to have a fun, busy day at the shop!

Thursday, July 21st
10:00am - 1:00pm-ish (e-mail me if you'd like to come earlier for the surprise)
Come say happy birthday to Denise!

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Chanele said...

Thanks to everyone who came out! She was so surprised and had a wonderful day. So many of you brought her cards and wished her a happy birthday, it was a great day! Thank you - Chanele