Saturday, February 6, 2010

Treasure Hunt Totes are In!

Move over Captain Jack, we have a cuter Mascot this year....

...and this Pirate Princess is here to say that your Totes are In!!! For those of you who pre-registered, you may pick up your tote at any time and we'll even be open on Sunday, February 7th. If you have not already registered, be sure to come in to buy your totes, they are $10.00 and are required to participate in this year's Scrapbook Treasure Hunt. If you don't know about the Treasure Hunt, find out all about it here.

Don't worry, Captain Jack will still be visiting Scraporium during the Treasure Hunt, it's just that this little Pirate is so much cuter in photographs.

Call the shop to find out more 813-269-7946

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