Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Treasure Hunt has Begun

It's been a VERY busy weekend at Scraporium, we've had more than 500 treasure hunters come through our doors over the weekend. We've had so much fun with everyone and we're excited to see all the rest of the treasure hunters this week and weekend. Captain Jack was a huge hit with everyone and if you missed him, he will be back for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday this weekend so come have you photo taken with him! We have really enjoyed all the costumes and pirate hats, keep 'em coming!

These were our first treasure hunters to complete all 12 stores and she did it Friday! I think Vicki may have been the first and only to complete them all on Friday, way to go!

Loved these masks that one of these ladies made, isn't that incredible!

They were more than willing to pose with Captain Jack :)

I love everyone who decorated their totes, these were my favorite!

Loved this lady with her tattoo sleeve!

Captain Jack was obviously a huge hit!

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