Friday, October 17, 2008

So Much New Stuff it Borderlines Annoying :)

I have spent the day helping my mother get ready for the Krop for Kids tomorrow but somehow we had time to squeeze in a few photos of all the new stuff she's been getting. After I was all done, she was still handing me stuff but I refused to take any more photos. Take my word for it, she has tons of new stuff! Halloween paper right up front!

New 3-ring binder scrapbooks that were reordered because they sold out so quickly.
I adore this pink Christmas paper! I didn't even know this until after I took photos but it's double-sided, yay I love pink!

I love doggy paper and it will be perfect for my puppy photos, here's a few puppy photos to share, aren't they cute!

Messy little puppies!

This wedding paper is hard to see but it's for bachelor/bachelorette parties, engagement, and wedding shower.

This paper is shimmery, very pretty!

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