Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lutz Guv'na Kickoff Dinner

The Lutz Guv'na race has finally begun and Denise is a fierce competitor. She has decided to go with an American Idol (her favorite show, Go David Cook!) spin-off theme titled "Lutz Guv'na Gives Back." We will try to continue to be creative with it but so far that's all we've got. With a crop in the works and half way filled up, she is ready to rumble with the rest of the contestants. Look out Lutz, here comes Denise!

Here are some photos from the kick-off dinner, special thanks to Bonnie (a loyal customer and friend) for all your help. I was told her homemade cake was the absolute best!

Her theme and logo:
Denise (my mom) and I with our homemade t-shirts. (Anyone who has connections with a t-shirt printing business and wants to work out a a deal, let us know, we're obviously not so good with the iron-ons)
Making signs:
The current Guv'na, Michelle:
Super cute, mom:
We were required to blow up ballons, stuff her trousers and win some money. All in the name of charity!
Yay for balloon stuffing!
Look, she made some money:

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